Keynote on multi-technology platforms by VIORA

I was grateful to be invited to participate in the annual company training of VIORA machine manufacturer from Israel. The meeting was held at lovely ‘Movenpick Resort’ in Phuket, Thailand on May 26 ~ 28, 2016.

This was my first business trip traveling with colleagues of Good Union Company

Stunning scenery from my room

This was an old slide about development of a fractional radio frequency machine. I presented it once in 2012 and used this slide again as the first of my keynote presentation.


It was my first time to join VIORA company event and I had prepared a 30 minutes keynote presentation to share with colleagues about design concept, applications and unique features of the latest innovations of multi-technology platform series, e.g. V10 V20 and V30 with interchangeable hand pieces for skin tightening, fractional RF resurfacing with SVC (Switching-Vacuum-Cooling), long pulse 1064nm Nd:YAG laser with PCR (PulseConfiguRythm™ Control), Intense Pulse lights with PCR (PulseConfiguRythm™ Control), e.g. V-ST, V-FR, V-Nd:YAG, V-IPL and the latest developed and my new favorite for non-invasive body contouring (BC) and skin tightening V-FORM hand pieces (HP) with Multi-CORE and ABS (Anti-burn system).

V-FORM BC HP can be connected to large and small size of tips for treatment. Apart from a very unique appearance of hard ware design, the large size V-FORM BC HP has very large area coverage 97×83 mm2. The new Multi-CORE system and Anti-burn system allow RF energy to penetrate deeply and produce large volume of homogeneous warming inside subcutaneous fat layer at 3 cm from skin surface without causing epidermal injury and patient’s discomfort. Total treatment time of whole abdomen of average size Chinese can be as short as 20 minutes. It is very suitable as lunch time procedure.

One of most difficult presentation I have ever made 2 years ago. I wanted to ease our life, limited the scope of aesthetic medicine and suggested an approach on practice of aesthetic medicine.


A simplified idea of polymodal balanced approach in combination of aesthetic procedures.


I first presented the concept of application of ‘a poly-modal balanced approach’ on aesthetic medicine in 2009. At that time, most of aesthetic treatments are based on a single modality. For example, IPL or 800nm Diode laser for hair removal, fractional non-ablative laser resurfacing for skin rejuvenation. A stand alone machine can provide treatment for a few indications. Combination of different machine treatments or modalities was not common.

There were another type of machines called all-in-one machines. A machine with a few applicators or modules combining together as a unit. More treatment can be provided. However, mostly the size of all-in- one machine was big and its hard ware was not up-gradable. If there was malfunctioning of a module, the whole machine should be sent for repair.

Therefore I purposed a new concept of machine design, multi-technology platforms based on ‘the concept of poly-modal balanced approach’ It was my dream for many years. All applicators can be plugged in and interchangeable for usage.

It is difficult to rely on a single treatment modality to treat a diseased or ageing skin condition in all patients with all skin color types.

As a result, a well designed complete aesthetic platform should consist of multiple modalities to successfully manage any skin conditions within an individual and patients with different skin color I to VI. Therefore, patients can be treated in a rational, ethical and cost-effective way and not subjected to unnecessary side effects of treatments or prolonged treatment duration.

An aesthetic multi-technology platform works as a central unit of energy supply.
For example, it should provide various kinds of energies such as radio frequency energy, lasers and light energy.

All radio frequency energy dependent (RF-dependent) hand pieces (HPs) or applicators are connected to the universal RF connector of the platform. Same as lasers and IPL HPs which are plugged into Laser energy universal connector or IPL connector, respectively.

Newly developed application HPs can be easily add-on to the platform via same universal connectors.

Therefore, multi-technology platform is up-gradable in both hard wares and softwares, functionally expandable and more economical in space and money.

V-series (V10, V20 & V30) Platforms by VIORA are examples of multi-technology platforms.

For example: Unwanted hair removal
Both Nd:YAG 1064nm lasers and IPL with 570nm and 630nm filter are applied
Hand pieces: V-Nd:YAG laser HP and V-IPL HP. Both of them have PulseConfigRythm system which can make the light or laser pulse as single pulse, a train of multiple sub-pulses or rapid pulses of low fluence. More time for heat dispersion is suitable to darker skin type. In addition to very effective water cooling system to keep the glass tip of both V-IPL and V-Nd:YAG HP at 5C, pain, risk of epidermal thermal injury and post-inflammation hyper-pigmentation are minimized.
V-IPL 570nm for average hair on lighter skin
V-IPL 630nm for hair on darker skin type
V-Nd:YAG 1064nm laser for dark hair with hair follicles inside deep dermal region
Modalities are enough to remove unwanted hair thin to thick, sparse to dense, and different skin color type I to VI.

By means of a Multi-technology Platform V30 by VIORA, multiple skin conditions can be managed.

I received a gift from Dr. Inna who is the clinical director of VIORA


An official photo from VIORA. I was very grateful to participate in this annual event and made friends with colleagues all over the world. Thank you very much for all arrangement of this wonderful gathering.


Uncle Koala said 'Yeah, well done'


8th Anniversary is coming.

Machine Wonderland

There were so many machines coming to my clinic in the past 8 years.
They were all stylish, lovely and ‘sexy’ because I invited them to be here.
Some of them were super powerful and the other were gentle and comfortable.
They were all top quality created by genius groups and had the highest safety and clinical proven efficacy.
When we first met, they were all new born babies. Those lucky grew and became superstars but some may silently leave us for different reasons.
However, I knew they were all good babies and have contributed to this Universe and improved the quality of life of human being.
Some of them have stayed with me for long long time but most of them stayed here just briefly.
No matter long or short period of time, I knew the purpose was to teach and inspire me.
Maybe you were one of the lucky people who have been connected with these lovely babies and became ‘baby’ again.
I am grateful and thankful to have all these babies in my life and Machine Wonderland of DR JAMES CLINIC.
I will never forget anyone of them. I will continuously let more people know there are such precious babies in this lovely world.
PS: It is my luxury space to enjoy chocolate with love, gelato with overloaded marshmallow (happiness), cakes with sweet heart.

先來定義,何謂儀器樂園?應該個充滿不同種類,不同功能的儀器,解決各様美麗要求。儀器都有專人照顧。不論為了什麼原因進來,都希望找到自己快樂,並帶著滿足的笑容離開。我是這樣希望的! 在香港中環市中心,但沒有鬧市的嘈吵,也沒有令人不安的痛苦聲。地方不大,但訪客都感覺舒服,這就是多年來,不斷有世界頂尖醫美科技進出的地方。 有些儀器威力強大,有些則温柔舒服。都是由一群群天才發明家和設計家共同創造而成的高科技,以最高標凖的安全性和臨床醫學測試確認的療效。 最初相遇的時候,它們還是剛出生的嬰兒。有些幸運的,一鳴驚人,很快就變成了巨星級。但也有些,因不同理由,在不知不覺間失去了。雖然事實如此,但我絕對相信和明白,它們全部都是有價值的好孩子,曾經盡力貢獻,改善人類自身的生活品質,令世界更美好。 有些儀器陪伴多年,一同成長進步。但大部分,都只是短暫停留,只留下美好的回憶。不論相聚的時間是長是短,目的只得一個,專程來教導和啟發我這個學生。 你可能也是曾經來過這裡的幸運兒,跟它們相遇過,再次找到嬰兒般的美麗和笑容。 很感謝曾在我的生命中出現過,在這個樂園相遇的每一部儀器,它們的教導,我一輩子也不會忘記。 我會保持初見面時的態度和好奇心,繼續學習,令更多人知道,有那麼真貴的寶貝,在這個美好的世界中存在。



3DEEP TC Shaper 緊膚



多兩個月,就是診所八週年紀念。 真的感謝各位貴賓,廠商好友,傳媒朋友和同事多年來的支持。我們會繼續努力,提供最優質的服務和產品。