Keynote on multi-technology platforms by VIORA

I was grateful to be invited to participate in the annual company training of VIORA machine manufacturer from Israel. The meeting was held at lovely ‘Movenpick Resort’ in Phuket, Thailand on May 26 ~ 28, 2016.

This was my first business trip traveling with colleagues of Good Union Company

Stunning scenery from my room

This was an old slide about development of a fractional radio frequency machine. I presented it once in 2012 and used this slide again as the first of my keynote presentation.


It was my first time to join VIORA company event and I had prepared a 30 minutes keynote presentation to share with colleagues about design concept, applications and unique features of the latest innovations of multi-technology platform series, e.g. V10 V20 and V30 with interchangeable hand pieces for skin tightening, fractional RF resurfacing with SVC (Switching-Vacuum-Cooling), long pulse 1064nm Nd:YAG laser with PCR (PulseConfiguRythm™ Control), Intense Pulse lights with PCR (PulseConfiguRythm™ Control), e.g. V-ST, V-FR, V-Nd:YAG, V-IPL and the latest developed and my new favorite for non-invasive body contouring (BC) and skin tightening V-FORM hand pieces (HP) with Multi-CORE and ABS (Anti-burn system).

V-FORM BC HP can be connected to large and small size of tips for treatment. Apart from a very unique appearance of hard ware design, the large size V-FORM BC HP has very large area coverage 97×83 mm2. The new Multi-CORE system and Anti-burn system allow RF energy to penetrate deeply and produce large volume of homogeneous warming inside subcutaneous fat layer at 3 cm from skin surface without causing epidermal injury and patient’s discomfort. Total treatment time of whole abdomen of average size Chinese can be as short as 20 minutes. It is very suitable as lunch time procedure.

One of most difficult presentation I have ever made 2 years ago. I wanted to ease our life, limited the scope of aesthetic medicine and suggested an approach on practice of aesthetic medicine.


A simplified idea of polymodal balanced approach in combination of aesthetic procedures.


I first presented the concept of application of ‘a poly-modal balanced approach’ on aesthetic medicine in 2009. At that time, most of aesthetic treatments are based on a single modality. For example, IPL or 800nm Diode laser for hair removal, fractional non-ablative laser resurfacing for skin rejuvenation. A stand alone machine can provide treatment for a few indications. Combination of different machine treatments or modalities was not common.

There were another type of machines called all-in-one machines. A machine with a few applicators or modules combining together as a unit. More treatment can be provided. However, mostly the size of all-in- one machine was big and its hard ware was not up-gradable. If there was malfunctioning of a module, the whole machine should be sent for repair.

Therefore I purposed a new concept of machine design, multi-technology platforms based on ‘the concept of poly-modal balanced approach’ It was my dream for many years. All applicators can be plugged in and interchangeable for usage.

It is difficult to rely on a single treatment modality to treat a diseased or ageing skin condition in all patients with all skin color types.

As a result, a well designed complete aesthetic platform should consist of multiple modalities to successfully manage any skin conditions within an individual and patients with different skin color I to VI. Therefore, patients can be treated in a rational, ethical and cost-effective way and not subjected to unnecessary side effects of treatments or prolonged treatment duration.

An aesthetic multi-technology platform works as a central unit of energy supply.
For example, it should provide various kinds of energies such as radio frequency energy, lasers and light energy.

All radio frequency energy dependent (RF-dependent) hand pieces (HPs) or applicators are connected to the universal RF connector of the platform. Same as lasers and IPL HPs which are plugged into Laser energy universal connector or IPL connector, respectively.

Newly developed application HPs can be easily add-on to the platform via same universal connectors.

Therefore, multi-technology platform is up-gradable in both hard wares and softwares, functionally expandable and more economical in space and money.

V-series (V10, V20 & V30) Platforms by VIORA are examples of multi-technology platforms.

For example: Unwanted hair removal
Both Nd:YAG 1064nm lasers and IPL with 570nm and 630nm filter are applied
Hand pieces: V-Nd:YAG laser HP and V-IPL HP. Both of them have PulseConfigRythm system which can make the light or laser pulse as single pulse, a train of multiple sub-pulses or rapid pulses of low fluence. More time for heat dispersion is suitable to darker skin type. In addition to very effective water cooling system to keep the glass tip of both V-IPL and V-Nd:YAG HP at 5C, pain, risk of epidermal thermal injury and post-inflammation hyper-pigmentation are minimized.
V-IPL 570nm for average hair on lighter skin
V-IPL 630nm for hair on darker skin type
V-Nd:YAG 1064nm laser for dark hair with hair follicles inside deep dermal region
Modalities are enough to remove unwanted hair thin to thick, sparse to dense, and different skin color type I to VI.

By means of a Multi-technology Platform V30 by VIORA, multiple skin conditions can be managed.

I received a gift from Dr. Inna who is the clinical director of VIORA


An official photo from VIORA. I was very grateful to participate in this annual event and made friends with colleagues all over the world. Thank you very much for all arrangement of this wonderful gathering.


Uncle Koala said 'Yeah, well done'


8th Anniversary is coming.

減肥塑身技術 2014 (2)

今天 2014年 8月 3 日,剛完成一個任務,在香港會議展覽中心舉行 International Master Course on Aging Skin (IMCAS Asia 2014 Hong Kong) 醫學研討會示範,全新無痛消脂技術。醫學會議中演講,不算什麼特別的工作,但這是首次在亞洲地區的醫學研討會議中公開發表。如何不接觸身體,在無手術無痛舒適的狀態下,利用極速轉換的電磁場跟皮下跟脂肪組織的互相作用,把多餘的皮下脂肪清除。

2014 最新發表的臨床醫學報告證實,在保持原有飲食習慣及運動量,技術能引導脂肪細胞進入自我破壞狀態,等同於把脂肪細胞有控制地分解,其後被免疫系統白血球清除及被身體新陳代謝,不影響肝功能及血脂平衡,是最新無創消脂的新突破。

市面上的無創消脂技術:冷凍溶脂冷激光溶脂多點聚焦超聲波溶脂高能量聚焦超聲波溶脂, 我已在較早之前的文章討論過。在2014,新加入了這個稱為 Non-contact Selective Radiofrequency therapy 定距電磁波溶脂 (暫時翻譯名稱) 。在未來給大家多一項塑身減肥的選擇。

自我介紹 Dr James Chan biography

即時錄影及播放於主演講會議室 Real time recording and broadcasting at the conference room

講解儀器操作及理論 Operation and Theory

銀幕中的自己,像玩魔術… 把某些東西(脂肪?)變走 Playing magic to make something vanish?

看見背後的東西嗎? Can you see those small things behind? 紙巾:後半段治療時,流汗用 Tissue paper for sweating 水 : 治療前後要多喝白開水,可助帶走脂肪 Adequate water for better result 手錶金屬 : 影響電磁場功能 No metals affecting treatment iPAD air : 已準備好回答問題的資料 Answer to floor question is already there

2010年的冷凍溶脂,跟2014年今天發表的 定距電磁波溶脂, 都是要求準確量度,講究細節的高科技。

以下是這次演講示範的簡介 Abstract
“Innovative devices using different energy applications were developed for body contouring in the last decade. An unique device based on a non-contact, non-ablative Selective Radio-frequency (RF) System for therapeutic deep tissue heating was clinically applied on body contouring and circumferential reduction of abdomen, frank and thigh regions.
This high-frequency system focused energy specifically into adipose tissue layer while limiting the delivery to epidermis, dermis and muscles. Recent literature reported that adipocytes are heat sensitive and thermal stimulus induced by RF energy resulted in delayed cellular death response. The therapy consisted of one treatment administered weekly with the duration of 30 minutes each over a 4-week time period. It is virtually painless.
A clinical study showed an average 4.93 cm reduction in abdominal circumference one month after completion of therapy. No major post-treatment side effects was reported.
2014年最新塑身科技,由英國及捷克專家合作科研成果,VANQUISH 無創消脂儀器。專利 Selective RF System 系統,無痛無開刀,不接觸身体,不傷皮膚表面,療程後亦無休息期。 只需接受一個月四次,每次三十分舒適的療程達減脂效果。 臨床研究證實,一個月療程後平均腰圍可減 5 cm (最多減少達13 cm)”

現場醫生提問,很有啟發性。要有懷疑的學習態度,反覆思考,讓我們再次核實, 自己所得的資料是否正確。我很喜歡有交流的學術分享,現場的觀眾也一起打開手機,找尋答案,一起學習。雖然無法把預備好的資料全部說完,但未來還有很多機會的,不趕時間。

Question : Is it a microwave device?
Answer : No, It is a radiofrequency device with working frequency at 27.12 MHz. Frequency of microwave should be higher range of radio frequency from 300 MHz to 300 GHz.
(Information from Wikipedia)

微波跟射頻能量的分別: 兩者都是電磁波的名稱。射頻頻率廣闊,由3KHz 至 300GHz。微波屬射頻能量的一種,頻率在 0.3 到 300 GHz,比現在使用在溶脂新技術的射頻電磁波頻率高出十倍以上。所以電磁波溶脂儀器,較有處理脂肪,微波則針對水份的比例較重。


整體合作的結果 Team work

菲律賓的醫生朋友 Theresa, Cha, Ruby, 她們都稱讚香港很美。Friends gathering

Lovely doctors from PAPSHPI. We are family.

多年來,醫學會議帶給我的除了不斷學習,吸收新的知識科技外,也給我跟世界各地的醫生及專家相識結緣的機會,有些更成為了好友。香港,中國,台灣,新加坡,日本,韓國,泰國,菲律賓,英國,澳洲…的醫生及同事,很高興又可以見面,太高興了。謝謝您們的支持和愛護,是上天給我的福份,感謝。 James 很愛您們,很快我們又會再見。
Amercian Academy of Aesthetic Medicine (AAAM)
Philippine Association of Primary Skin Health Physicians INC (PAPSHPI)
Ms Jessica Mok (AAAM)
Jakub, Esther, Joey, Michelle, Takashi, Kathy Yoda, Kana (BTL)
Francis and Angel (Cosmedical HK)
Ruby (Broadmedic, Philippines)
Dr. Sirem-on and Ben (Health & Beauty Clinic, Maxx Clinic)
Dr. Nalinee SUTTHIPISAL (Thailand)
Dr. HSU Nai Jen (Taiwan)
Eu Chong (Singapore)
Bernard, Phoebe, Owen, Raymond, Amy, Leonie and all of my friends’ Support
All staff at DR JAMES CLINIC

減肥塑身技術 2014 (2)
減肥塑身技術 2014 (1)
減肥瘦身的健康餐單 上 TVB J2 姊妹淘 2012年2月4日
減肥瘦身的健康餐單-下 TVB J2 姊妹淘 2012年2月4日
TVB J2 姊妹淘一 第13集 – 健康減肥法 2011年7月
塑身的元素 Components of Body Contouring
減肥塑身 一 (橙皮脂肪的影響)
華娛衛視 「教主來了」 醫學美容篇 自體脂肪移植手術 (豐胸) 之二
華娛衛視 「教主來了」 醫學美容篇 之 自體脂肪移植手術 (傳統抽脂) 之一
華娛衛視 「教主來了」醫學美容篇 之 雷射溶脂 (二)
華娛衛視 「教主來了」醫學美容篇 之 雷射溶脂 (一)

减肥塑身技术 2014 (1) 简

美容医学高速发展,就是要给予大家更优质生活 Quality of life。是高速,当然偶尔会遇见从未想过,怀疑有没有可能,甚至近乎理想的新产品。我是以 open-minded 开明的态度对待,不易相信,但也不排除它的可能性…
最近又接触了一台充满创意,突破,话题,争议,的美容医学的新科技。一台非手术无创,在无需接触身体的状况下,利用电磁波正负极快速转换,带引脂肪份子震动及互相磨擦产生热力 (Selective Radiofrequency System),有分解皮下脂肪层功效的仪器。无痛减少脂肪的同时,不损害皮肤,肌肉和皮下脂肪以下组织。



HIFU 聚焦超声波溶脂 High Intensity Focused Ultrasound Lipolysis 能量聚焦至脂肪层,连续扫射在大范围的体积,以高能量高温破坏脂肪组织,治疗无损皮肤表面。

HIFU 聚焦超声波溶脂

(这是真正的 HIFU 高能量聚焦超声波,跟大家时常听见的 ‘HIFU 拉提紧肤’不一样, 除技术特性分别外,能量更相差百倍!用作紧肤的聚焦超声波能量,不能称为 HIFU,更正确的称呼应该是 Intense Focused Ultrasound IFUS 或 Microfocused Ultrasound MFUS。每次听到 ‘HIFU 拉皮紧肤’ 这个名词,都觉得有点怪怪。正确是 IFUS 拉提紧肤 或 MFUS 拉提紧肤 !)

另一种技术,是利用定点或垂直多点聚焦超声波 Pulsed Focused Ultrasound (PFU) or VDF Mutli-focused Ultrasound,跟脂肪细胞共震气空作用分解脂肪细胞 Cavitation,令皮下脂肪层减少 及


冷冻溶脂 Cryolipolysis, 以冷冻低温引致脂肪细胞自然衰老死亡 Apoptosis, 令脂肪层减少。


这些仪器,由最初未完全了解,到改良技术和使用治疗方法 Treatment protocol, 在这数年间,已累积不少临床证据,能在安全的状况下,获得预期的治疗效果。

先不讨论它们的效果,一种技术或药物要推出市面,为保障病人或市民健康,必先要经过安全标准国家食品药物监督机构审核。每个国家或地区,都有不同的标准。 如 CE (欧盟), USA FDA (美国), KFDA (南韩), CFDA (中国)…等,提供足够的临床测试证据,证明对身体安全,才能在当地公开上市及发售。当然也要在某些应用或适应症上,达到一定疗效。所以世界一级的仪器,都有以上国家机构严格监管许可。
但FDA 批准的适应症,只有’有效的意思’,没有包含治疗效果的高低优劣,也没提供相关副作用的资料。所以 FDA 只给消费者,在安全性上作参考,和对那些适应症有效,不是建议那个是较好技术。

没有 FDA 批准的适应症,可能是没有,也可能是在累积临床证据,等待确认。

待续 …
減肥塑身技術 2014 (2)
減肥塑身技術 2014 (1)
減肥瘦身的健康餐單 上 TVB J2 姊妹淘 2012年2月4日
減肥瘦身的健康餐單-下 TVB J2 姊妹淘 2012年2月4日
TVB J2 姊妹淘一 第13集 – 健康減肥法 2011年7月
塑身的元素 Components of Body Contouring
減肥塑身 一 (橙皮脂肪的影響)
華娛衛視 「教主來了」 醫學美容篇 自體脂肪移植手術 (豐胸) 之二
華娛衛視 「教主來了」 醫學美容篇 之 自體脂肪移植手術 (傳統抽脂) 之一
華娛衛視 「教主來了」醫學美容篇 之 雷射溶脂 (二)
華娛衛視 「教主來了」醫學美容篇 之 雷射溶脂 (一)


我把这些都一一记录下来,放在诊所的网站内 。看不到? 就放在 ‘PRESS‘ 或 ‘媒体‘ 那一栏,点击一下吧!

There is a list in DR JAMES CLINIC official website which records my work in these years. -> ‘PRESS
Clinical work, teaching, speeches, TV program, media events…etc.
I m so glad I can meet so many doctors, colleagues and friends all over the world. I am so blessed to have your love.
In the future, I will keep learning and contribute more to the society.

Dr James 減肥瘦身秘訣

請留意明晚 2013 年 1 月 12日 八時三十分在 TVB 無視電視 J2 台 姊妹淘 節目 首播
「我要做靚人」主角 Suyi , 在一個月內的成果。
當然也有自己參與的部份,大家要留意哦 !


充足的水份 (每天兩公升以上白開水)
控制进食的次数和时间,减低血糖改变胰岛素和胰高血糖激素的比例维持在一比一 insulin:glucagon 1:1)

避免高温烹调,破壞食物營養。 如煎炸烤焗等,產生有害的致癌物质
每天最好有最少一餐魚。吸收主要脂肪酸 Essential Fatty Acids
充足的运动量, 保持淋巴血液循環暢通,增加肌肉質量,有助消耗熱量


早餐吃什麼?沒有 或 麵包鮮奶
晚餐: 漢保飽套餐
失敗原因: 高熱量,澱粉,脂肪,食物,每餐份量太多

早餐: 腸粉白粥
午餐: 炒粉麵,如肉絲炒麵
晚餐: 一般豐盛一點,菜,肉,飯或番薯
失敗原因: 高 GI 食物, 蛋白質不足,微營養, 維生素不足



減脂餐: 西籣花、無花果、蕃茄、鮮魚


不是減脂餐: 火腿通粉

這個是否?: 雞粥

「健康減肥」一天吃五餐 (再分享)

要知道每天應攝取食物的份量和種類,及懂得把食物分配,才能保持美好身材。目的是,按我們每天的活躍程度,把熱量平均分配。盡量把血糖控制在穩定的水平。之前有說過,每當進食後,血糖便會上升,並引發胰島素的產生,胰島素使血糖下降,變成肝糖和脂肪。還有當每餐進食過多時,身體需額外能量把食物消化,令人疲倦和睡意,也會產生較多的氧化物和自由基,增加糖化作用 (glycation) ,破壞身體組織,引致衰老。



當經過一整睌的睡眠後,我們的血糖便會在較低的水平,這樣胰高血糖激素(glucagon)和其它壓力激素 (stress hormones) 會上升,令血糖上升,和引致身體的肝糖,脂肪和蛋白質分解。蛋白質的分解也是衰老的原因。所以建議,在起床後一小時內進食早餐。同樣,饑餓跟過飽一樣不好,不希望睡前有飢餓的感覺。建議:每天最後一餐應在睡前兩小時。
對呀,我也沒百份百跟從 (睡前兩小時進食)因為我的晚餐一般都比較豐富。

剛剛過去的週末,TVB 在 J2 台播放了,自己有份做嘉賓的綜藝節目 「姊妹淘」第十三集。內容是「健康減肥」。短短的數分鐘時間,當然不能把全部抗衰老及減肥餐單的精髓,解釋清楚。在節目內容中,也提及「一天吃五餐」的原因。


減肥瘦身的健康餐單-下 TVB J2 姊妹淘 2012年2月4日

有沒有標準餐單? 各人的年紀體形各異,體質,生活習慣,運動量活躍度各有不同,可接受的減肥速度也是不一樣。很難跟大家說,早午晚餐應該要吃什麼? 所以提供健康的食物表作參考 (沒有在節目上提供),還要避開不良的食物。抗衰老食疗-1(抗衰老食疗的基本原则)按照健康食療的要點和守則 (一日五餐,慢吃 ⋯等),讓各人自由選擇和分配。這樣的食療,才是可跟從和正確合用的「減肥餐單」! 緊記,在減肥瘦身的同時,要保持足夠的微營養

Protein 蛋白質

良好碳水化合物 一

良好碳水化合物 二



若大家有興趣知道自己的脂肪比例,可以電郵給我。我會盡量回覆。 自己昨天也有收看姊妹淘節目,拍下一些照片,跟大家分享。希望沒有叔叔跟少女聊天的感覺?在她們面前,絕對有資格稱呼我一聲 Uncle! 用醫生專家身份參與節目,表現確實有點「太正經」。有醫生形象包袱嘛! 希望在未來的節目,可以跟大家輕輕鬆鬆地,說笑聊天。 Dr James 不只會說醫學美容,也可說「靚」,也會說冷笑話 (爛 GAG)。哈哈!

Seabie Chan ( Seabie 姐 ) Dr James Clinic 主管
Chris Chau Makeup Artist @ ZING
Junichi Ishimoto Hair Stylist @ Private i Salon The Luxe

減肥瘦身的健康餐單 上 TVB J2 姊妹淘 2012年2月4日
減肥瘦身的健康餐單-下 TVB J2 姊妹淘 2012年2月4日
TVB J2 姊妹淘一 第13集 – 健康減肥法 2011年7月
塑身的元素 Components of Body Contouring
減肥塑身 一 (橙皮脂肪的影響)
華娛衛視 「教主來了」 醫學美容篇 自體脂肪移植手術 (豐胸) 之二
華娛衛視 「教主來了」 醫學美容篇 之 自體脂肪移植手術 (傳統抽脂) 之一
華娛衛視 「教主來了」醫學美容篇 之 雷射溶脂 (二)
華娛衛視 「教主來了」醫學美容篇 之 雷射溶脂 (一)